2 thoughts on “Ohio Institute of Osteopathic Medicine Offers DPC – DPC News”

  1. I owe a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Jack Forbush, DO. Dr. Forbush was incredibly gracious to permit medical students, residents, and fellows in his office. It was during my rotation and the time spent with Dr. Forbush that I was introduced to the direct primary care model and was able to witness the positive impacts it afforded to patients and the physician. In my young career as a physician, I had witnessed and experienced first hand the atrocities of “big healthcare” as a physician, patient and as a family member of a patient. I desperately needed to find an alternative path where I could take care of people and have a clean conscious. I remember the day I phoned Dr. Forbush and explained I was considering the direct primary care approach to medicine. I remember his words, “The hardest step is the first step.” With the guidance from Dr. Forbush, the support from family, friends and my community, and countless blessings I was able to find that alternative path. I greatly value the continued mentorship from Dr. Forbush. I ultimately returned to my hometown and opened a direct primary care office. My practice continues to grow and develop and I can honestly say that my patients and I are overall happier. Thank you Dr. Forbush.

    1. My sincere thanks for these very kind words. The hardest step is, indeed, the first step. *This* is what the NErDPCA is all about…helping our colleagues break free from the system!

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